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The above video has been on our site for 4 years.  Long before the vaccines were released.  One half hour of doctors from all over the world saying there was no pandemic, and that these vaccines, are not “safe and effective”.    This video was banned/blocked/censored for the past 4 years from a collaborative effort from the “covid cartel” that is a combination of government officials, corrupted medical organizations that have done everything in their power to keep on POISONING citizens of the world in the name of profits and depopulation.  This website is a log of the lies from the past 4 years from our federal and provincial governments that are classified as domestic terrorists under the Canadian Criminal code under Section 83.1.  Our government is deliberately harming our population, and we, the citizens are in a silent war that many do not even know they are in.  Through the effort of Canadians, there are many sites that have documented the deaths, lies, corruption and many of the freedom fighters in this country that were ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists are having their days in court against the federal government.  Lawsuits are being won across this nation with many more in progress.

If you wish to learn EXACTLY what is happening in the world and the agenda that is being played on citizens of the world, take the time to watch this, the most important documentary in the world for people to watch.

With the help of our members, we financed the development of a TV channel that you can find on Roku Television sets and Amazon Fire TV’s, you can download these onto your television sets if you have either or by visiting the link below.

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Below you will find the logs from doctors, lawyers, climatologists all over the world that are being censored from telling you the truth about the Pandemic, WHO, CDC, and United Nations.  These resources expose the coordinated lies between these organizations to execute a depopulation plan that they feel is compassionate.   However, their whole premise is based on the idea of an overpopulated planet which is a complete falsehood.

There is enough resources on this planet to feed, and house every person comfortably, without harming the planet.  They are stopping us, because they want to control us, not take care of us.  All these organizations are working against the best interests of the human population under the guise of public safety over world climate problems that do not exist.

We are the carbon they want to reduce.

The evidence is clear if you take the time to investigate.   TV news networks and Social media companies have worked at pushing propaganda to change the way we think, gaslight us, and demoralize us through woke ideology.  Wokeness has infiltrated our universites, schools, and institutions to collapse our nation.  Wokeism is Marxism in disguise.  When you study how to defeat a nation from the inside out without raising weapons, you will understand very clearly how they are doing this.

We have some great documentaries on this subject.  The Creepy Line, is a perfect example of this.  It shows how Google, Facebook have swayed elections and are pushing ideologies on the general population covertly and under the radar.  This has resulted in Authoritarian regimes being installed in Countries all over the world.  The owners of these propaganda machines profit immensely of the suffering of their viewers.

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